DIY: Sharpie Flowers

Want to make quick, cute flowers with only a few sharpies?

Perfect for cards, personalizing envelopes, art, lunch boxes…anything you can sharpie!

Here’s how:

Choose your two main colors, I decided I wanted a pink flower for this tutorial

Grab a black sharpie, and two shades of green (or one yellow, one green) and set aside

Using the darker of your main colors, draw a circle the size approximate size you want your flower

Using the darker color, draw imperfect circles inside the first circle, all the way to the middle


Using your lighter color, repeat, making sure to color in any spaces left white

Using black, do a few imperfect circles again around the outside of your flower

Make some black dots in the middle

Add a few leaves using the same technique with your greens, outlined by black

Add some sprouts of black with dotted ends

Repeat to create a bushel or bouquet, and you’re done!


Pretty and QUICK sharpie flowers for your next project. I’ve been drawing flowers like this for a few years now, but as an avid Pinner, the original inspiration came from OneArtsyMama, but my method is slightly different!

Check out for more DIY and for products from my Etsy store,

Happy crafting!


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